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The Importance of Automating the Middle Office
Watch the virtual panel discussion on the findings of the report: The Importance of Automating the Middle Office and join our industry leading panellists including, Virginie O’Shea, Founder of Firebrand Research, Jonny Speers, Global Head of Sales and Development and David Pearson, Product Manager of Torstone Technology.
Post-Trade Operations Realities – Challenges and Priorities 2021
Watch Jim Baseley, Managing Director- Head of Operations at Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Ltd., Virginie O’Shea, Founder at Firebrand Research and Mack Gill, COO at Torstone Technology as they discuss the findings of the report – Post-Trade Operational Realities – Challenges and Priorities 2021.
Transform Your Middle-Office Operation From Cost Centre to Competitive Differentiator Today
Watch Gordon Russell, Head of Asia and David Pearson, Product Manager at Torstone Technology as they discuss how to transform your middle and back-office functions — from cost centres to competitive differentiators.
The Digitalization of Sell-Side Risk Management
Watch Audrey Blater, Senior Analyst at Aite Group, Anthony Pereira and Mack Gill at Torstone Technology discuss key findings from Aite’s latest whitepaper report, The Digitalization of Sell-Side Risk Management.
Rearchitecting and Simplifying Post-Trade Operations
Post-trade processing is still mired in legacy systems and siloed operations making it a critical source of inefficiency and operational risk. Learn how can you automate your workflow processes and reduce business costs.
The Dynamics Behind Self-Clearing vs Outsourcing Decisions
What are the challenges brokerage firms face against the background of regulatory and market structure change? Dive into the dynamics behind Self-Clearing vs Outsourcing decisions.


Watch the recent discussion between Mack Gill, COO Torstone Technology and Michael Scotti Editorial Director TabbFORUM around move to T+1, as well as other developments in the post-trade process relating to operations and technology.
Following the Chartis RiskTech100 Rising Star Award win – Brian Collings, CEO at Torstone Technology, spoke with Jay Wolstenholme at Chartis Research about regulatory themes & market challenges shaping the sell-side, and how firms should pivot their Risk function.
Amrik Thethi, CTO at Torstone Technology shared his thoughts on cloud & API-based solutions and the emerging landscape of “Low-code” or indeed “No-code,” in a keynote at the @PostTrade360 web summit. If you’ve missed this brilliant session you can still view it here.
Watch Torstone Technology’s Alan Kelly, Global Head of Risk Product and Ali Paterson from FintechFinance as they sit down to work out how financial institutions can reduce their risk in an increasingly complex environment. In an industry as well regulated as finance this will become even more important going forward into the new decade.
Watch the discussion between Brian Collings, CEO Torstone Technology and Ali Paterson from Fintech Finance, discussing how 2020 has highlighted a significant strain on the middle-office.
Traditional systems are very hard to change, but that era is coming to an end. This was the theme for Torstone Technology’s CTO Amrik Thethi as he gave a non-technical presentation at the PostTrade 360° Web Summit.
See what Brian Collings, our CEO, believes are the 3 main vectors influencing change in capital markets in the 2020s.
Do you know the top technology challenges sell-side firms are going to face in 2020 and beyond? Watch views of our COO, Mack Gill.
“Traditional systems are very hard to change; that era is coming to an end.” Watch what Amrik Thethi our CTO has to say about how APIs are changing capital markets in 2020 and beyond.
Our Global Head of Sales, Jonny Speers, shares his views about what differentiates Torstone from other market players.
FTF News interviewed our COO, Mack Gill where he talked about a major shift in adoption of cloud technologies to drive operational efficiency.
Our CEO, Brian Collings, share his views with Fintech Finance about how to achieve operational efficiency and regulatory compliance with cloud-based innovative tech.
“Dealing with industry challenges and technological advances, there has to be an investment in new architecture”. Hear what Mack Gill our COO had to say in his interview with Financial IT.
Get Ready for the Game-Changers Ahead. Watch views of our CEO Brian Collings in his interview to the Financial Technologies Forum.
The era of putting band aids on legacy systems is over. Our COO Mack Gill, talks about MiFID II, what it means for the market, its specific post-trade obligations in his interview to Finextra.

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