Risk Data Management

Data is the lifeblood of risk calculation and analysis. RiskMine provides centralised management for static data, such as organisations and securities, and risk factor time series data to feed consistent and robust risk calculations.



Risk Data Management for market data from many different sources, both internal and external. RiskMine is designed to manage all types of time series data with visualisation, controls and APIs. It automates collection and uses sophisticated data quality algorithms, with built-in connectors for multiple data vendors. RiskMine creates a single source of truth where with canonical identifiers and consistent data used across all risk reports.


Risk calculations require a lot of market data from many different sources, both internal and external. Managing the data can become a tedious and complex task, often done manually by risk management teams. RiskMine centralises all time series data with APIs for easy access and integration for scenario analysis.


Risk exposures are sensitive to data inputs and poor quality data can result in unreliable risk reporting. With tools for measuring and monitoring data quality, RiskMine works hard to eliminate garbage-in-garbage out scenarios to increase confidence in risk analysis.

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