Could the T+1 Move Drive Up Op Risks?
The industry push to shorten the U.S. securities settlement cycle from trade date plus two days (T+2) to trade date plus one day (T+1) will end batch processing, drive operational costs down, but may cause an uptick in operational risk”. This is what Brian Collings, CEO of Torstone Technology, said in this installment of the FTF Exchange podcast series. Listen now.

Post-Trade Digitalisation – A Practicalities of Transformation
Listen to the third episode of DerivSource’s three-part podcast series on “Post-Trade Digitalisation – Evolution or Revolution?” In the final episode, they explore what is happening more on the ground level by looking at the main components of a post-trade digitalisation project, some of the common challenges and unexpected benefits that firms can achieve. This is what David Pearson, Product Owner at Torstone Technology has to say about taking a practical look at digital transformation in the post-trade industry. Listen now.

Post-Trade Digitalisation – Understanding the Role of “Newer” Technologies
This is the second episode of DerivSource’s three-part podcast series on “Post-Trade Digitalisation – Evolution or Revolution?” They talk to Amrik Thethi, CTO at Torstone Technology and Peter Kennedy, Partner at Capco about different ways firms can use newer technologies, such as cloud computing and AI, as part of their digitalisation post-trade plans today and in the long-term. Listen now.

Post-Trade Digitalisation – the Existing and Emerging Landscape
Listen to the Derivsource’s first episode of a three-part podcast series on “Post-Trade Digitalisation – Evolution or Revolution?” with Matthias Voelkel, Partner, and Stefan Schorsch, Associate Partner at Global Management Consultancy Firm, McKinsey and Co. and also, Gordon Russell, Head of Asia for Torstone Technology in conversation with Julia Schieffer Founder and Editor at DerivSource. Listen now.

How costs per trade visibility can drive unique competitive advantage to banks and brokers
How can businesses get greater visibility on their cost per trade to drive greater competitive advantage? Hear the latest panel discussion with Brian Collings, CEO Torstone Technology, James Smith, VP Business Management Mizuho, Allan Song, Head Strategy and Transformation Standard Chartered Bank and Barnaby Nelson, CEO The ValueExchange. Listen now.

Providing post-trade solutions in a COVID-19 environment
With focus on resiliency & business continuity at an all-time high – listen to the podcast with our CEO Brian Collings, as he discusses what it’s like to provide post-trade solutions in a Covid-19 environment. In conversation with Sunniva Kolostyak at IBS Intelligence. Listen now.

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